What is Nerd by Design?

Nerd by Design is a company started by Leticia Figueroa (a self-proclaimed nerd) for nerds. Our main goal is to mesh design with all things nerdy to produce products nerds feel they can relate to. This includes prints, posters, t-shirts, and even greeting cards catered specifically to people who enjoy nerd culture.

How did Nerd by Design start?

Nerd by Design started with a greeting card line. During Leticia’s senior year at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, one of her classes gave her an assignment to illustrate three greeting cards. In all honesty, greeting cards weren’t really something that interested her, but I decided to put a fun twist on them: She made greeting cards for Nerds, and people who love Nerds. She went on to produce eight more cards for the line as well as design everything revolving around a fake company that produced them: Nerd by Design.

Fast forward several months and the company has become a reality, extending its reach past the realm of greeting cards and into t-shirts, prints, hats, and other accessories.


Without its amazing contributors, Nerd by Design wouldn’t exist. This is a special thank you to all those who made Nerd by Design a reality.

  • Myra Reyes
  • Alec Figueroa
  • Stephon Freeman
  • Jessica Haas
  • Michael Barrett
  • Purumi Park

Thank You:

This section is dedicated to all those who provided technical, creative, and emotional support in the making of Nerd by Design. They have been with the company from the beginning!

  • Ryan Haas
  • Amber Workman
  • Winifred Wee
  • Purumi Park
  • Justyna Babinska
  • Angela and Amanda Poch